Artist's Biography

Betka (Alzbeta Piepgrass)

Born 1970 - Slovakia

Alzbeta Piepgrass grew up in Eastern Europe, in beautiful Slovakia. She lived in a small town called Samorin, nestled near the capital city of Bratislava, the north banks of the river Danube, and the crossroads of the borders of Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.

In 2000, Alzbeta moved to Canada, and has lived in Fort McMurray, Calgary, and Montreal. She currently resides in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Alzbeta’s passion for art began at a young age. As a child she was surrounded by paint, crafts, and music. Her father loved to paint and was a great inspiration.

In 2013, Alzbeta was given the opportunity to study at an art school in Montreal, where she lived at the time. It was here that she was introduced to acrylic abstract painting and instantly fell in love with it. Since then, Alzbeta has been busy experimenting and creating new techniques using acrylic paint and other various types of mediums.

Alzbeta loves to paint and to create something from nothing. She loves to paint using different styles and techniques, but her passion and interest is still deeply rooted in the freedom and colours that can be found in abstraction; where she feels the peace and experiences the strong feelings present in her compositions and designs. Alzbeta loves being simple and natural inside and out, expressing her feelings through her creations. As an artist her motto is “love who you are, be who you are, never try to be someone who you never going to be”.

There are many nights and long hours she spends studying and researching new techniques; Alzbeta considers herself essentially a self-taught painter. She feels when she picks up her brush and paints that life is beautiful. Her intention and passion is to paint nature in abstraction.

In association with local realtors, Alzbeta’s works have been recently displayed in local show homes.

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